Paola del Monaco, 30 years of experience in oriental disciplines, graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Tuina at the Higher Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Senior Yoga Teacher for Yoga Alliance Professionals U.K.

She  organises Yoga teacher trainings and Chinese Traditional Medicine tuina course. She is certificated by CSEN holistic Italy and Holistic Alliance Professionals

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Training course 1st level Tuina operator and 1st level Plantar


The Tuina and Plantar Reflexology Course offers a solid theoretical preparation in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tuina strongly oriented to practical application, with the basic knowledge of Western Medicine necessary for the training of the professional figure of the Operator Tuina outlined by the WHO Guidelines on Manual Techniques.

Tuina massage is a therapeutic technique of ancient origins, which has accompanied man since his birth: spontaneously when a pain is felt, the first action that is performed is that of caressing the painful part; deepening this principle, all the medical traditions of every part of the world have developed their own autonomous system.

This course allows the operator to be able to start working and is a first training step that gives the right knowledge and a valid certification. It will be up to the operator to continue or be satisfied with the first level.

Reflexology in TCM identifies several reflex points through which it is possible to cure organ imbalances and their functions. Functions. The reflexology studied through TMC is concerned with the ears, hands and feet. This course deals with the first level of care through plantar reflexology.


TUINA first level DIDACTIC PROGRAM and Plantar Reflexology:

First training course: has a total duration of 60 hours: 50 hours of frontal lessons with the Instructor + 10 hours of documented practice to be carried out independently.

Objectives of the course: acquisition of the skills, knowledge and skills necessary to perform a complete treatment (prone position, side, supine) by pushing, gripping, rolling, rotary pressure, pressure, traction and joint manipulation. Plantar reflexology Level I: explanation of the map of organs and functions present at the level of the foot (back of the foot and sole of the foot). Explanation and application of basic manual techniques. A fundamental Kata (a form of treatment development) is indicated: a treatment map for tuina and a treatment map for foot reflexology.


The first-level international HAP (Holistic Alliance Professionals) diploma is awarded in TUINA and in foot reflexology


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reflexology operator course
Level I reflexology operator course ". Recognized by international diploma HOLISTIC ALLIANCE PROFESSIONALS.

£120 per lesson / day
The course will take place in Edinburgh on the following dates:



november 17

december 8

january 12

february 9

april 12

may 3


Please leave a message:

Paola del Monaco +44 7947998225