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Senior Yoga Teacher Paola del Monaco teaches in Edinburgh Yoga Teacher Trainings, workshop  and yoga holiday.

She also treats many types of problems with traditional Chinese medicine and shiatsu and tui-na massage. 

For Yoga Teacher training and yoga and massage workshop in Edinburgh with Senior Yoga Teacher Paola del Monaco

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YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 250h, 500h, 760h - YOGA DARSHANA & Naturopathy



YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 250h, 500h, 760h with Paola del Monaco well know as Mahatma Kaur Senior Yoga Teacher for Yoga Alliance Professionals U.K. and National Yoga Teacher trainer for CSEN


We organize Yoga teacher trainings in Rome and in Edinburgh. 

The exclusive mix of solid traditions and advanced systems make YOGA DARSHANA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY the ideal academic structure for anyone who wants to undertake a Yoga training. 
Our teaching staff, trained in the best national and foreign structures and constantly updated on new teaching methods, is able to ensure the complete training of the student to offer him all the means to excel in his future profession.


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LOCATION: Fisherrow -Musselburgh

The course title is: CLASSIC YOGA AND MODERN YOGA (from Hatha to Vinyasa from Patanjali to Krisnamacharya). I can send you the complete program and bibliography.
The cost is 900 pound in installments. 


february 8-9

april 11-12

may 2-3

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august 22-23

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250h diploma program (instructor level):

I - Philosophy

Dashana Sankya and Dashana Yoga

II - Classical bibliography

References to the Rig Veda.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra I commentary by Swami prabhavananada, Christopher Isharwoodi

Bhagavad Gita I commentary on Aurobindo

III - Yoga and Yoga

Hatha Yoga Hatha Sivananda, in theoretical and practical detail; Yoga Iyengar, Vinyasa, Ashtanga

IV - Religions

 Brahmanism; Buddhism

V - Physiology

The structures and functions influenced by Yoga techniques. Systems: Skeletal, Muscular, Respiratory, Circulatory, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Digestive, Nervous, Homeostasis

Energetic physiology: Prana, Nadi and Chakra, Energetic Meridians, Elements of Ayurveda, Test muscles, Tendon-muscle meridians

VI - Techniques

Analysis of the psycho-physical effects of each individual technique / benefits and contraindications; Shat Karma: dhauti, basti, neti, nauli, tratakam. kapalabhati.nadi shuddi; Asanas: the asanas listed according to their function: educational postures (effects related to the nervous system, technical and anatomical characteristics; repercussions on organs, structures and physical functions .. Sequences of asanas. Relaxing postures (anatomical features; effects on the nervous system) Meditative postures (anatomical features; repercussions on the nervous system); Pranayama: the 5 vital airs; puraka, kumbaka, rechaka; anuloma viloma, samavritti, ujjayi, sitali. Mantra: function, technique, potential of mantric practice; Pratyahara; Dharana; Dhyana; Samadhi.

Samata, Vipassana: The two complementary aspects of meditation practice I

Elements of Sanskrit I

VII - Hygienic norms, Nutrition, Code of ethics and ethics, How and manage a yoga center




PROGRAM IN DETAIL diploma 500h (teacher level): I - Philosophy six Dharshana: historical introduction: from the Vedas to the domination of Islam, Mimansa, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Vedanta, Sankya, YogaII - Bibliography classes Caveda; Upanishad Shiva Samitha; Geranda Samitha; Sri Tattva Chintamani; Yoga Kundalini Upanishad; Hatha Pradipika.Patanjali II commentary by Taimni and A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Bhagavad Gita II commentary Paramahansa YoganandaIII - TechniquesHatha II, Iyengar II, Vinyasa II, Ashtanga II. Analysis of the psycho-physical effects of each single technique; Shat Karma II: nauli, tratakam. Kapalabhati, Bastrika; Asana: energy analysis with respect to meridians and IIMudra chakras: shambavi, nabho, kechari, maha, viparita varani, khaki, yoni, asvini, jnana, Bhanda; mula, uddhiyana, jalandara, maha, gang traya; Pranayama: the 5 vital arias; puraka, kumbaka, rechaka; anuloma viloma.viloma, samavritti, surya; bheda, ujjayi, sitali, bastrika, bhramari, murcha, kewali; Mantra: function, technique, potential of mantric practice; Pratyahara; Dharana; Dhyana; Samadhi; Samata; Vipassana; Samatha and Vipassana: two complementary aspects of the meditative practice IIYoga for the period of pregnancy, Yoga for children, Yoga for the elderly.Yoga at school: elements of yoga awareness usable by teachers and students in curriculum time; Elements of Sanskrit IIIV - Lo Yoga and the YogaRaja Yoga (Raja in the theoretical and practical detail); Bakti; Karma; Jnana; Ashtanga (ashtanga in theoretical and practical detail); Kundalini (kundalini in theoretical and practical detail); Tantra; Kriya; Puma; The Great Masters (from Patanjali to Krisnamurti) The Seven Visnuite and Shivaite Nirguna Marga 


2019 ANNUAL TRAINING  760h (career formators)

PROGRAM 760h (trainer career) ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGICALSafety of the states of consciousness induced by the practices yogaImaging cerebral Frequences EEGThe state of trance, Neurology, Psychology clinical elementsHypnosisMindfulnessMeditation and Prayer effects salutotropicsPedagogy Yoga Didactics History of the Indian subcontinent: ethnicities , languages. India's Economy ANTHROPOLOGY Methodology of research: knowledge of the research tools needed both for the teacher's continuous training and for the correct management of the relationship with the students; ability to sort, sort and increase knowledge, generatesand specifics, related to the field of competence.

LEGISLATION: general and specific concerning the sector of competence.

PHILOSOPY Ishvarapranidhana, practice Bhakti, practice The Vedic Ceremony. Siddhi.

Relation of Yoga with the main Religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Influence of Islam on Indian spirituality . Sufism and Kabir, Esicasmo, Misticism, Teology.

Sanskrit Elements III

PRACTICE- Pranayama - Kumbaka -Asana- Dyana - Samadhi - Moksha-

Vedic Mantra (study by Rig Veda)

ANALYZED TEXTS- Rg Veda - Upanishad- Vishuddi Magga


If you are interested in learning to teach YinYoga and Yang Yoga Vinyasa Yoga with Yoga Darshana International University, this is  our offering.

Your Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga  teacher is Paola del Monaco who is a national trainer for Csen and senior yoga teacher for Yoga Alliance Professionals U.K.. and Yoga Alliance Worldwide.

Yoga Darshana International University RYT  250plus Yoga Alliance worlwide
or 50h YIN YOGA Yoga Alliance worlwide

or 200h YOGA  Yoga Alliance Professionals U.K.

We will cover in detail the basics + more in asana, variations, assisting and sequencing. 
We will study functional anatomy in addition to basic anatomy.
We will assess function over form (what are the benefits muscular/energetic rather than focusing on just one “right” alignment).
You can choose the which one program you like best.


installable cost: £900,00